About the English language as means of your thoughts expression.

The English language is the best and a fully efficient means of expressing whatever you think about! Why I feel like I need to specially undescore this truth? That’s because many students think vice versa!
Really, many of your “colleagues” coming from zero and elementary levels and entering something decent bear the “legacy” of tendency to simplify whatever they want to say, as if English was a more primitive a language, truly not allowing them to say EXACTLY what they conceived in their minds or other native languages.
This used to be a necessary compromise as long as your vocabulary included only several dozens of lexical units. But as you develop and if developing is what you are aiming at in our studies, please, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO REFRAIN FROM ANY SIMPLIFICATION OF COMLEX IDEAS in the process of using the language in order to realize your development! TRY TO COME UP WITH COMPLEX IDEAS.
That’s a rule!